“Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” —Plato

Robbie Destocki was a drummer with a necessity. He searched for a solution; the solution became the invention, and the invention he dubbed, Shakerstix…

I was rehearsing for church worship one morning and the set featured several songs that had percussive “shaker” parts, as well as traditional drum parts. Normally we had a percussion player adding the shaker parts, but this morning he was absent. I had to cover the percussive shaker parts while laying down the backbeat on the snare, high-hat and kick-drum, all at the same time. I was going crazy trying to hold egg shakers and a stick in my right hand and another stick in my left hand. The shaker eggs kept slipping out of my hands before I could even click the tempo for the band. I was really frustrated!

After playing, I was trying to figure out how to pull this off. How can I play a shaker, hi-hat, snare and kick-drum at the same time, let alone playing fills on the toms in between? Upon arriving home, I went straight to my music room and started tinkering around on my practice kit. I tried everything from taping the egg shakers on my hands to taping them on the sticks, nothing seemed to work. I even tried one of those shaker-cans, but when I hit it on my hi-hat or snare, it sounded like a tin can hitting a hi-hat or snare! It also left marks on my brand new cymbals! The shaker problem kept bouncing around in my brain. It dogged me all day at work. Later that evening, I was sketching an idea on a pad of paper (I’m an art director/designer so paper is always nearby) and all of a sudden BAM! … I had the answer. I went out to my garage and started tinkering once again. Little did I know that this would be the birth of Shakerstix.

Our entire line of Shakerstix™ drumsticks were created to give every drummer or percussionist the ability to add that smooth, rhythmic shaker sound to their playing style without sacrificing creativity. Whether it be Jazz, Rock, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Latin, or “Unplugged,” Shakerstix is the one stick no drummer should be without! We assemble and distribute our sticks from our location in Star, Idaho. If you have any questions about our company, please fill out our contact form found on our home page.